I’m Kevin Yeoh.
I help creative people like you to design and launch their website, right from the ground up.

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Thinking of diving straight into the business of making money from your music, art, writing, or food without worrying about having to create a website from scratch? If so, you’ve come to the right person.

How will I help you? Why Me?

I started my career in web designing since 2000. I’ve worked with various startups in all manner of industries such as training centers, pharmaceutical, creative entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, speakers, musicians and lightworkers.

I’ve recently quit my day job to become a fulltime web designer & multimedia consultant. I don’t have an impressive goal to earn a million bucks or to drive the latest fast cars, or to become the coolest unemployed hipster. Everyday, I am learning and looking for ways to define myself and my success in my own terms. I sometimes travel to explore how life outside of my box means and to discover the edges of my self-imposed personal limitations. I enjoy doing work that matches my internal vibrations.

With my 15 years of experience in design, you can put your trust when you work with me and that I will:

  • Speak normal English with you, not web jargons. I will connect with you on your level, and understand your point of view when it comes to getting that design that you have always wanted.
  • Put myself in your shoes and advise you the shoulds and shouldn’ts with my experience. I believe in transparency.
  • Breakdown your huge web presence vision into manageable phases.

So, whether you are:

  • a house wife who loves making music
  • an athlete writing a book
  • a corporate worker starting a vegan cafe
  • a nurse building a school

or you’re a change-maker working on starting a community, I can help you with that one web page that kicks start the beginning of your adventure in a cheaper, easier and faster way by organizing the non-obvious.

I believe that each of us and our endeavours are special and deserve attention and acknowledgement. We need to realize and gain confidence in our unique qualities, and then share them with the world.

Every design elements must have its meaning. Design for your audience, not for yourself.

I aim to inspire you and will help you to achieve that.

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My creations

TeddyBearLand Picnic 2016
design & development
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Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery
design & development
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Outbound Tour Managers Association
branding / design & development / maintenance / consultation
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Mosaic Music Entertainment
design & development / maintenance / consultation / web hosting
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Dennis Lau
design & development / maintenance / consultation / web hosting
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Sangita Iyer
design & development / consultation
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Equonxo Training
design & development / consultation
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Mosaic Movie Productions
design & development / maintenance / consultation / web hosting
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design & development / maintenance / consultation
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Website features

Beautifully crafted

Every elements are harmoniously designed. Started with hand sketches on paper – the natural way of turning inspiration into visual.

Responsive design

Cleverly adapt to mobiles, tables, desktops, super-size monitor, while maintaining its readability.

Lightning fast

Everything is optimized so they reach your visitors in shortest time possible because nobody likes to see that loading spinner!


Search-ability is important. The codes are web-standard compliant and search engines friendly. Your website will earn its best position in search results.

Semantic markup

Meaningful codes that are easily understood by human and machines. In return, your website will be favoured by search engines and other coders.


Words, pictures or icons will appear crisp and clear on the latest high resolution displays. Say goodbye to those ugly blurry images.

Mobile first design

Only loading what is necessary is the key to keep your website lean, especially on mobiles. Your mobile visitors will thank you for the speed of this sophisticated mechanism!

User centred design

Designed with the user in mind. The success of a website depends largely on the user experience. Ease of use is always high in the priority.


UI/UX design

Apart from web design, I also design for mobile applications, interactive kiosk, even your presentation slides.


Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing an existing brand, I can work with you in creating your unique visual identity.

Domain name registration

I can help you to choose a memorable domain name and also register it for you. You will have complete ownership for your domain name.


With over 15 years of experience in web technology, I can help you solve your online presence problem.

Website maintenance

So you have some new photos to upload? You have refined your product description? Wait no more. The maintenance package ensure your website always up to date.

Web & email hosting

Confused about which server to choose from? Not sure about email accounts for your business? Let me help you so you can focus on your business.


I am not a professional photographer but I can help you to take beautiful shots for your website. Photography is one of my hobby. See my shots at 500px.

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